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Is your heating system acting strangely or failing to turn on? In most cases, you’ll need an experienced HVAC company to provide professional repairs. That’s where Excellence Air comes in. If your heater isn’t working properly, we’ll find out why and deliver the best possible solution! Whether you have low airflow, no warm air, frequent cycling, odd noises, or any other problem with your heater, our team will have your system back up and running in no time. 

Call (702) 935-6317 or contact us online for reliable heating repair in Las Vegas. We’re available 24/7 to come to your aid!

Signs You Need Heating Repair 

One obvious sign that your heater requires repairs is that it won’t turn on. While there is no mistaking this sign, some symptoms of heater failure are more subtle. Being aware of these warning signs of a problem can be the difference in fixing issues before they turn into expensive repairs and emergency situations. 

Common warning signs that it’s time for heating repair include: 

  • There is very little airflow coming through your vents
  • The air coming through your registers is lukewarm
  • Your heating system can’t keep your home at the desired temperature
  • You hear loud, unusual noises coming from your heater 
  • Your heater turns on and off too frequently 
  • Your energy bills have suddenly risen 
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Troubleshooting Before You Call for Heating Repair 

If your heater isn’t performing as it should, it might not mean that something is seriously wrong. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a simple fix – something you can do yourself! You’d be surprised how many times homeowners call for repairs, not realizing the issue was caused by a lack of power due to a tripped breaker. 

Before calling our technicians for heater repair, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try, including: 

  • Ensure the thermostat has power and is set to “heat” mode
  • Make sure the temperature on the thermostat is set a few degrees above the current room temperature 
  • Check that your heating system’s external on/off switches near the outdoor condenser and indoor air handler are set to “on” 
  • Ensure the circuit breaker that regulates power to your heating system hasn’t tripped
  • Change your air filter if it is dirty and due for replacement 

If these troubleshooting tips don’t resolve the problem, you should turn off your heating system and call our heating professionals for help. Continuing to operate a failing heater can result in worse damage and increase the cost of repairs. 

24-Hour Heating Repair

At Excellence Air, we understand that heating issues rarely occur at convenient times, and often arise after business hours. That’s why we’re always available to provide heating repairs in Las Vegas. Our experienced techs are ready to show up at a moment’s notice, in a fully stocked truck, to resolve your heating problems quickly and effectively. 

Call (702) 935-6317 now to ensure your heating issues are resolved the right way the first time!

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Our team of HVAC technicians are experts within their field. With over 16 years of experience, Excellence Air is here to provide quality & reliable heating and cooling solutions for customers throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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