Las Vegas AC Maintenance 

Preventative Maintenance for Air Conditioners in Henderson & Surrounding Areas 

What are some of the objects which you value most in your life? From your automobile to your pipes, from your hairstyle to even your sets of ivory teeth, anything which is important to you will naturally require regular maintenance to stay in its prime condition. This fact certainly applies to your air conditioner, which we can all agree is probably one of our most important appliances in our home. Without a reliable AC, there would be no way to survive or thrive in the scorching desert climates of Nevada. 

To prevent your air conditioner from succumbing to an early expiration, it is important to always remember to schedule regular Las Vegas AC maintenance. At Excellence Air, we are committed to safeguarding your comfort, health, and overall well-being by keeping your AC fully maintained, so that it can work powerfully even when the scale reaches over 120 degrees.

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What We Check for In Our Dedicated Tune-ups

Did you know that one of the greatest enemies of any HVAC system is also one of the smallest in size? This threat comes in the form of dust and dirt particles, which get trapped in the delicate innerworkings of your system. Even the smallest contaminants wedged between different parts of your air conditioner will cause it to operate less efficiently, and as these parts have to labor even more to keep your home fresh and cool, they are more prone to breaking down. To extend the lifespan of individual components of your AC, as well as ensure the workability of the whole system, you should schedule frequent tune-ups, so we can examine your unit and clean any dirty or clogged up parts.

Throughout our thorough check-ups, you can expect our dedicated technicians to scrutinize every aspect of the system, including:

  • The air handler 
  • The internal evaporator coils
  • All the components of your blower
  • The tightness of electrical connections
  • Your AC’s condenser 
  • The vents and any existing ductwork
  • Your air conditioner’s safety controls
  • The calibration of the thermostat
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When to Schedule Maintenance Checkups for Your System

In general, it is usually suggested that ACs get complete maintenance checks once a year. Because of the lack of moisture in the air, however, the arid climate of Las Vegas means that more particulates are blown about than in almost any other state. This indicates that you may need to have your system serviced more often, depending on the weathering it has undergone. If your unit is making loud sounds or unpleasant smells, you may need another tune-up sooner than expected.

Trustworthy Advice from Our Experts

When you come to our team at Excellence Air, you will never encounter salespeople who just want to make an extra dollar, even if that means selling something that a customer doesn’t really require. Our technicians are proud to offer the highest level of integrity, which means our honest professionals will only advise a maintenance check-up if your system needs it.

Call us directly today at (702) 935-6317 or speak to us online about our options for reliable Las Vegas AC maintenance.

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Our team of HVAC technicians are experts within their field. With over 16 years of experience, Excellence Air is here to provide quality & reliable heating and cooling solutions for customers throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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